Posted by: Jarrod | June 23, 2008

Join the qihua6k6l family~

Dear everybody who’s reading..u all most probably are from 6K/6L’2001 right? hahas!! well, if u happen to be reading this and u would like me to add u in the user list so that u can write entries on this blog also, please let me know ok? just give me your email to your wordpress account and i can add you straight away~ =)

last but not least, EXAM’S OVER!!!! WOOTS~~ holiday now..wahahas =D

Cheers, Jarrod

Posted by: Jarrod | June 11, 2008

Exam period =.= some of u might having exams now..6 more days to hell, and 8 more days to heaven! lol..yes my exam only stretches over 3 days..1 paper on 17th and 2 papers on 19th =.= good and bad at the same time..sigh..

how’s everyone doing? =/

Posted by: ixom | April 29, 2008

red hot!

helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo! jarrod please study!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jarrod | April 22, 2008


hey’s everyone doing? hope u guys are all doing fine..hahas..thought i should write another post

this blog isnt really active i guess, but that’s okay..hahas..was just hoping that everyone mayb could write abit abt what’s going on in their lives every now and then..hehex =p

sian man i tell u all..time really pass damn slow here la..after so long it’s only been 2 months =X really dunno what i should do with my time u know, take care everyone..all the best in whatever u do..


Jarrod ^^

Posted by: Wei Xian | April 1, 2008

Status Updates D:

So, what has everyone been up to lately? Be it school or work , talk about it!

Posted by: Wei Xian | March 15, 2008

Board Games Gathering (From Email)

If by any chance you didn’t receive Li Ren’s email.

Calling all 6K/L members: there will be an upcoming gathering event at board games cafe – where we can sit down as a group to play some games and catching up with one another!

However, there are some detail that I need all of you to decide on:

Are you interested in participating in this event? Y/N*

If Yes, please provide your contact info.
H/p No.:

Which Board Game Cafe would all of you prefer?

A: The MindCafe (
B: Settler’s Cafe ( ( A )

Which day would you be free Next Week (17 Mar – 21 Mar)?
Currently, according to popular demands we have two days left to choose:

A: Wednesday 19 Mar
B: Thursday 20 Mar ( )

To make it a value for your money :P, I have make calculations and devised timeslots.

If you prefer The MindCafe:
Weekdays (Happy Hour Package)
4 hours of gaming time at around $6 per person (Within TimeSlot of 12pm – 6pm)
If you’re having your meals there, it’ll be about $13 per person.
But bring more cash along, if you guys want to extend the hours.
However, I have checked that the food are not certified Halal yet. So for the Muslims, it would be better for you to have your lunch in advance first. >.< Sorry for the inconvienence.

If you prefer the Settler’s Cafe:
Sorry, currently there isn’t one catering to our time slots.
#Explanation: Thurs which could have be Ladies Night.. $6 per Lady and $9 with every accompanying guy.. Is not applicable next week because it falls on the eve of Good Friday and hence the package isn’t available. Hah.

*Delete where necessary.
For any more clarifications, you can contact Li Ren (me) at 9641 0856.
P.S. Reply ASAP before Wed 19 Mar so I can make the necessary reservations. Thanks.

Posted by: aerocharmed | March 13, 2008

For Jarrod

Jarrod told me to keep this blog alive so hello everyone!!! Bye!!!

Posted by: Jarrod | March 1, 2008

My apologies

hey really very sorry that in the last minute i told u guys dont come send me’s actually cuz two days before i fly, my father asked abt my i told him everything..and of course, he’s super pissed, disappointed, angry,¬†what have u..and i was damn depressed i guess naturally i feel i dont deserve such good treatment from, if u guys were to come and appear as a group and look so happy sending me off, the atmospheres sorta dont match..guess i just dont want my parents to see me enjoying myself cuz they think i dont deserve in the end i decided to tell u guys to meet up for dinner instead of coming all the way to changi airport just to see me off..and since u guys already tried to make time, might as well meet up right..

BUT!! u guys didnt meet up!! grr…why??? the group doesnt need me around to survive ok!! u guys are all equally important, if not, more important than just me be honest, i really hope we can stick together for as long as possible..even after we’re all married and have children, we still will meet up once in a while like ever before..unfortunately, i have lost contacts with most of my sec sch i really hope the same doesnt happen to my pri sch friends..let’s not lose contact with one another ok?

i really appreciate u guys thinking of wanting to send me’s the thought that counts, and u guys have it..i’m contented liao..hahas..let’s all work hard for another year and look forward to another nov/dec of fun together ok?

Cheers~! =D

Posted by: Jarrod | February 16, 2008


well as the title says, im back here to write an entry..havent wrote one for quite some time..hahas

basically nth much happened among us..wei xian tried to organise afew outings but unfortunately didnt go that well..dun blame urself

saw moxi at cineleisure’s cinema counter today..hahas..she sold tickets to me and nv give me discount la!! i forgot to ask u oso nv auto offer moxi!! argh~~

anyw, just to let u guys know, let’s meet up again this friday for dinner shall we? one more time la..before i fly..ok? =p hehex..nth much to say le..pls leave comments to say whether u can make it anot ok? hahas..cya all!

Posted by: Wei Xian | February 12, 2008

Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market Plaza Singapura (13/02/2008)

Well. I know its pretty short notice but if u happen to chance on this post and are free on the evening of 13/02/2008. Why not come down for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market @ Plaza Singapura.

Location: Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Time: 6.45PM

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